7 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100 in 2020

There are times where every one of us wants to phase out of our current situation and just wanted to enjoy our temple of peace. Headphones, originally invented to enjoy music out of your Walkman, are now providing us with the quality “me” time, occasionally required by many of us.

Whether it’s a busy office Monday or a noisy underground commute, some bus running on a busy street or just your friendly public transport, this urge to zone out and forget everything happening around you is addictive.

So today we shall discuss here in this article best budget Active Noise Cancellation Headphones available in the market under $100.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100 in 2020

Like every other technology, this ANC in headphones was quite expensive in the start of days. However thanks to chipset advancements and multilayer PCB support, the price of this luxury had dropped considerably.

How Noise Cancellation Works?

Before we start scanning of our list of 7 best noise cancellation headphones available under $100, one must become familiar with the concept of noise cancellation. Noise cancellation and noise isolation are two very different things that shall never be compared as same.

Any headphone with some covering around earpiece and bunch of passing can be labelled as noise cancellation headphones. However for a headphone to be declared as noise cancellation, they need to implement Active Noise Cancellation Technology.

Active Noise Cancellation Technology works by producing counter wave for every sound that comes from a source that is producing outside of your headphone. So always remember to get headphones with ANC technology if noise cancellation is your main motive behind the purchase.

Now let us divert our attentions towards the topic under discussion, which is 7 best budget noise cancellation headphones available under $100. For this purpose we had created a list as per best of our knowledge and experience.

List of 7 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Available to Buy Under $100

So let’s get started with our list of 7 best noise cancellation headphones available in the market under $100.

Mpow H5

So the first noise cancellation headphone in our list is Mpow H5. Mpow H5 became our first choice because of its impressive battery life of 30 hours if the ANC chipset is not plugged in. However even if both Bluetooth and ANC are enabled, even then the battery copes up to 12 hours straight operation.

Mpow H5 is wireless, exclusively well-padded set of headphones that imperial even for heavy bass genres. Overall the design of Mpow H5 is quite simplistic as compare to majority of its competitors. It comes in all black that provides an exclusive look. These headphones are well built and can provide complete battery backup with charging of just 12 hours.

The active noise cancellation chip used in this thing of beauty is upgraded one as compared to majority of its competitors. However in the Bluetooth department Mpow H5 certainly lags behind with its Bluetooth 4.1 version. However no connectivity issue was observed during our active usage of the device. The padding for Mpow H5 around earpiece is quite comfortable and sits well with the ears.

Batteries for Mpow H5 are lithium Ion rechargeable. One of the best qualities that we found in Mpow H5 is its head band quality. Head band for Mpow H5 is made up of highly durable material that withstood quite some sheer force thrown at it. Also it sits very comfortable on head.

Overall we found Mpow H5 to be an excellent choice to be included in our list of 7 best noise cancellation headphones under $100. Considering the comfort it provides and the price tag, one cannot ask for more from a noise cancellation headphone under $100.

Cowin E7

The next noise cancellation headphone on our list is Cowin E7. The very first thing one notices about Cowin E7 is its luxuries design that gives the feeling of exclusiveness. The chrome plating provided at ear piece support by Cowin E7 is quite pleasing to eyes.

There is trademark triangle provided by Cowin on the left ear cup of its head phones for controls of the device. The next very best thing about this device is the excessive padding and cushion provided by Cowin E7. This keeps your average size ear covered and plush padding will provide comfort during long hours of use.

Cowin E7 comes with both Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. The Bluetooth connectivity provided is somewhat old version as compared to the latest one available in the market. Cowin E7 packs Bluetooth 4.0 version for connectivity.

These hedphones also holds mic for making calls, thus providing all rounder feature to Cowin E7, where one can enjoy its music and stay connected at the same time. The rechargeable battery on Cowin E7 provides 30 hours of running time between each recharge.

Cowin E7 had both connectivity options i.e. wire and wireless. However there is one drawback in this thing of beauty and that is it requires constant battery usage even when used in wired mode. Audio quality is something that is not above average for this range of equipment, speaking in monetarily terms.

A casual music lover like me would definitely like the audio sound that Cowin E7 had to provide.


Tao Tronics noise cancellation headphones are the ones that you could proudly call fashion in simplicity type of stuff. Tao tronics are some neatly design gadget that comes in all black color and with oval ear pieces. There is nice covering over head band and the head band itself is quite slim. Appropriate cushioning is provided on earpieces that when used takes the shape of one’s head. Headband in Tao Tronics is also cushioned so as to provide maximum benefit of comfort.

Tao Tronics used Bluetooth for connectivity and it takes pride in providing latest Bluetooth version 4.2 for connectivity. One of the best thing about Tao Tronics is that its Bluetooth connectivity can connect to two devices at the same time. Media is then played depending upon the preferred device.

The ANC switch and the volume controls are deployed on each ear phone. A microphone is also provided in the headphone that is also equipped with active noise cancellation technology and filters out all the irrelevant sounds of your surrounding and only allows passing your voice.

ANC chip deployed in Tao Tronics will let loud and clear voices pass to you, while filtering all the low frequencies and surrounding noises. This does helps when one is addressed directly while utilizing this headphone. The audio quality that Tao Tronics provide is quite efficient to enjoy music of all sorts.

All of these above mentioned features had made Tao Tronics place in our list of 7 best Noise Cancellation Headphones under $100.

Marshall Major III

Marshall shall be quite familiar to you if you are into Guitar, Amplifiers and stuff. Knowing Marshall one thing can be assured that this piece of equipment shall pack fashion sense and power in it, and that my friends is exactly what Marshall Major III is all about.

Marshall Major III is covered in textured exquisite leather that gives it all a rock star fell. The head rest of Marshall major III is also covered in padding and thereby rests firmly and quite comfortably on head. The metal hinges provide rotation to the earpieces and thus increases to the overall strength and flexibility of this device. The ear cups on Marshall Major III had plush padding on it that provides and ensures comfort for ears while using.

The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery for Marshall Major III stands at average 28 Hours or so. This battery life is not one of the best traits of Marshall Major III for its competitors are providing much more in their brands.

One of the best features that personally attracted me the most towards Marshall Major III was its Aux option that allows you to connect another Headphone set to your head phone. This way two persons can enjoy listening from a single device. Built in microphone is available therefore call connectivity is not an issue.

Marshall had utilized both Bluetooth and wired connectivity options in this device of theirs. As far as the sound quality in considered, well it’s a Marshall we are talking about. They are all about sound. So no complains in this department.

Avantree ANC031

All black mate stylish looks and neat cuts make Avantree ANC031 stood above its peers. The first that one will notice about this head phone on you is its sleek design and fashion sense. So my friends if you are into fashion and gadgets alike this Avantree ANC031 headphone provides you with best option under $100. Plus it is equipped with Active Noise Cancellation technology.

Like many of its peers, Avantree ANC3031 is providing connectivity options vide both Bluetooth and wire options. 3.5 mm jack is used for wired connectivity of course. The 28 hours running capacity of battery is something that Avantree ANC031 lacks as compared to its peers available in the market.

The active noise cancellation chip installed in Avantree ANC301 produces excellent results in filtering out the low frequency sounds. However one might notice that Bass functionality for Avantree ANC031 reduces while ANC option is turned on.

The earpieces are super comfy, loaded with extra padding and stuff but on the same side it also increases the weight of product. So, one might have to sacrifice in weight for style if you are going with Avantree ANC031.

One very interesting feature in Avantree ANC031 is its mute button option that is available. All in all this product by the name of Avantree ANC031 checks all the boxes to be in our list of top 7 budget headphones under $100.

Sennheiser HD 559

Sennheiser HD 559 doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity and is only available in wire mode connectivity with 3.5 mm jack. So, one is bound to question our choice for inclusion of Sennheiser HD 559 into our list of top 7 budget noise cancellation headphones under $100. Well the answer lies in the fact that Sennheiser HD 559 provides most superior balance of sound in this price range. This product is perfect for the ones that had the knowledge of sound quality and wants to enjoy music in its true form.

The padding on ear pieces is quite comfy and same padding is also provided under the headrest of Sennheiser HD 559 for added comfort. The overall built quality for Sennheiser HD 559 is good and the plastic body feels executive. It could definitely withstand occasional jerks and stress that are bound to happen during commute travel.

Overall verdict for this gadget is that one may not experience good noise cancellation with Sennheiser HD 559, but it definitely compensates with its superior sound quality and ecstatic looks.

Sony MDR-7506

The classic Sony MDR-7506 is all about nostalgia and vintage looks. It reminds you of days when Sony Walkman was a fashion trend and people would just put on their Sony Walkman with headphones over their heads during their everyday business. But don’t think even for a second that this vintage look doesn’t holds capabilities for competing with modern ANC equipped headphones. No sir, if you think so, you are wrong.

Earpads are covered with foam and are super comfy on ears. This thin covering of padding on Sony MDR-7506 corresponds to its light weight. Sony MDR-7506 had an overall strong built quality. However unlike latest headphones it lacks Bluetooth connectivity and the only option available is through wired 3.5 mm jack for aux. Noise cancellation in Sony MDR-7506 is provided by passive noise isolation technology.

The sound quality of Sony MDR-7506 is where it supersedes all of its competitors in this price range. One is bound to witness studio quality sound while using Sony MDR-7506. It got that clarity and detail in sound that is demand of professionals. So with Sony MDR-7506 you could say that you made a professional choice for sound quality.


Well guys we had tried our best to provide you with list of best 7 budget noise cancellation headphones present in market that cost under $100. However one thing shall be clarified that there are tons of option available in market right now for headphones. We had compiled list for the headphones that in our experience and knowledge provides best value for money and quality under $100.

So do let us now in your feedback if you want to include certain product in this list of ours or want to share your personnel experience with one of the above mentioned headphones. Till then, sit tight, live might and enjoy the dandy world of music.

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