7 Best Mini Projectors with Speakers

Projector is an important technological tool used to run business ideas, presentations and schooling. Projectors had always been some bulky technology that is hard to carry around and was always found fixed with ceiling in a particular room.

In addition to the size, complex connectivity of projector was always creating mess of cables. Tangled cables, hefty projector and difficult media connectivity is what projectors were all about a couple of years ago.

However all of this had changed. Technological advancements, especially in those of image processing had enabled the engineers to design and fit projector in much smaller body. This led to the birth of portable projectors that are quite famous and common now a day.

So whether it’s an office presentation, family reunion or a boys night out playing counter strike, mini projectors or portable projectors are easy to use, super easy with connectivity and fun to experience.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Mini (Portable) Projector

Since their introduction in market for general public, the number of companies dealing in portable/mini projectors had increased by manifold. As a result number of variants and options had increased.

The following points must be kept in mind while choosing a mini projector, while taking into account the price tag.

Dimension: This is important as mini projectors vary in size and shape. One should choose that best fits his routine and work type.

Portability: One should choose that is travel friendly and is easy to transport.

Connectivity Options: Connectivity options should be given considerable thought.

Budget: Well it’s important to consider budget, isn’t it.

Best Mini/Portable Projectors with Built-in Speakers

Best Mini Projectors with Speakers in 2020

So folks, without any further ado, let us get going with our list of seven best Mini Projectors currently available in market for use, which shall make your movie night or family gathering lit.

Anker Nebula Capsule II

The best thing about this mini projector, Anker Nebula Capsule II is its design. Well a mini projector with exact dimensions as that of a soda can, it’s pretty impressive right. The design is straight forward simple, elegant yet quite impressive.

The bottom half of the projector hold 8 watt built in speaker, with good sound quality. The navigational buttons are provided on the top of this gadget. The best thing about this gadget is its simplicity in connectivity. It’s one of those plug and run types of gadgets that doesn’t require extra efforts to impress.

HDMI and USB Ports A type and USB port C type is provided for connectivity option. One can also charge its mobile phone utilizing USB type C port. HDMI is used for connectivity with multimedia source.

Anker Nebla Capsule II provides High Definition resolution of 1280×720. Anker Nebula mini projector provides crisp ad sharp image with better brightness, thanks to its 200 ANSI lumens. This increased brightness let you enjoy your projection in moderate lit room.

Anker Nebula Capsule II throws a projection of about 100 inches on a wall or screen. Anker Nebula Capsule is also equipped with auto focus and automatic vertical keystone correction function.

Autofocus of Anker Nebula Capsule II does an impressive job at adjusting image once the mini projector is re positioned. Anker Nebula Capsule II is equipped with 9700 mAh battery that provides backup of 2.5 hours of continuous operation.

  • Smart Design
  • Impressive speakers
  • USB C included
  • Provides HD resolution
  • High Price
  • Relatively low battery life than its predecessor

Apeman Projector M4

Apeman projector M4 bodies a smart and sleek design that gives a modernized looks. The overall dimensions of Apeman Projector M4 are 3.85 x 3.85 inches. The most interesting thing about this gadget is its body height and weight.

This gadget weights around one pound only, with a body height of less than one inch. Apeman has glossy surface that is good looking but at the same time iit attracts smudges and finger prints all over its surface. The navigation buttons are provided on the side of body.

LED life of Apeman Projector M4 is around 25,000 hours. This life span will provide around 1000 days of 24 hours entertainment projection. An HDMI cable is provided for connectivity with the media source.

Apeman Projector M4 had the capability to project a screen size of about 100 inches. We do however experienced that Apeman works best in almost dark environment. A tripod stand is included in the package, so one doesn’t need to worry for paying extra bucks.

Apeman Projector M4 is equipped with dual speakers that are quite impressive for their size. The sound quality is good and one can immerse completely in whatever the media is running. Apeman has a battery life of 120 minutes, provided by 3400 mAh battery.

The projection provided by Apeman Projector M4 is of 854 x 480 resolution, which is definitely not an HD, but on the bright side it is more than enough for good video playback.

  • Small and Sleek Design
  • Less Weight
  • Package includes Tripod stand
  • Dual good quality speakers
  • No HD
  • Only HDMI connectivity is provided

Optoma ML75OST

This device has business use written all over it. From design to price to connectivity options this mini projector provides one window operation for all of your business needs. Speaking of design this Optoma ML75OST is regular square shaped mini projector with its lens popping out an inch from the body. The overall body dimension is 4.4 x 4.8 x 2.2 inches. Optoma ML75OST mini projector weights around 2 pound. This device comes with its nylon zipper carry bag, which makes its portability to different meetings and events quite easy.

All the control buttons are provided on the top of this mini projector. This mini projector will provide you with 1280×800 pixels of resolution and with brightness of 700 lumens you can be assured of high colour accuracy and crisp imagery even in fairly lit room.

The best advantage of this mini projector is that with 700 lumen brightness capability, one doesn’t need to proceed in a dark room for presentations. Official presentation rooms are not that dark, therefore this device shall work perfectly in office environment.

Optoma ML75OST doesn’t come with an integrated battery. Thereby one had to ensure availability of power supply before proceeding with its presentation on this gadget. Also Optoma ML75OST holds one speaker at the back of its body. This speaker is 1.75 Watts and is thus unable to meet the standard sound operation required by a projector.

However a 3.5 mm jack is provided at the back of this mini projector to connect external stereo system with this mini projector.

One of the best advantages this mini projector provides is the inclusion of pdf reader. Inclusion of pdf reader enables this mini projector to project PDFs, Docs directly from media source like a USB drive, so that one doesn’t have to connect its laptop.

  • Integrated PDF Reader
  • 700 lumens Brightness
  • Compact Design
  • Easy to carry
  • Relatively Low Quality Speaker
  • Tripod stand is not sold with Projector.

Vankyo Leisure 3

Vankyo Leisure 3 mini projector is designed for masses. It’s quite cheap as compared to its competitors, while at the same time it provides all the necessary connectivity options and HD resolution. Vankyo Leisure 3 is 12.24 x 9.43 x 4.63 inches in diameter and weights around 2.5 pounds.

The overall feel and design of Vankyo Leisure 3 is not quite modern, rather it gives you nostalgic vibes of old bulky projectors.

Navigational controls and focus are provided on the top of this mini projector’s body. Vankyo Leisure 3 doesn’t hold auto focus function, so one had to manually adjust the focus of projection once the position of the mini projector is disturbed. One impressive thing that we found was that it comes with its own carrying case that makes it portable and easy to carry around.

Vankyo Leisure 3 projects a picture upto 170 inches across a screen and holds a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The brightness of Vankyo Leisure 3 is rather on down side. As a result one had to sit in a relatively dark room to enjoy the projections.

Although Vankyo Laisure 3 comes equipped with dual 2Watt speakers, but the sound quality is quite shabby. The speakers are unable to perform in a large room with audience. However a 3.5 mm audio jack connectivity option s provided to connect this mini projector with external stereo system.

Vankyo Leisure 3 doesn’t support wifi connections but then considering the price of this equipment, this just seems fine.

  • HD Resolution
  • Low price
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Bulky Design
  • Low Powered Speakers

Elephas GC333

Elephas GC333 is what we define an all in one pack. elephasGC333 mini projector provides you with enough options to use it as mirroring device while using laptop, you can stream online by attaching a streaming device and also you can project your favourite game on a console while using Elephas GC333. Elephas GC333 is quite competitive in price range as compared to its competitors. Elephas GC333 mini projector can project an image of 120 inches on a screen or wall, without losing quality.

The dimensions of Elephas GC333 are 8.7×6.7×3.5. the design is not something out of this world, as we have witnessed before, but what makes Elepas GC333 stands out among the rest is the fact that it is quite cheap as compared to the connectivity options and projection quality it provides. The led lamp of Elephas GC333 mini projector produces 3300 lumens of brightness that produces sharp image quality.

Elephas GC333 has built in speakers, however option is also provided for connecting additional stereo system via 3.5 mm audio jack. There is one big downside to this otherwise wonderful gadget, and that is that it doesn’t have built in battery. So every time one had to use Elephas GC333 mini projector, a power source is a must have.

  • Ample Connectivity Options
  • Low price
  • 3300 lumens Lamp
  • No integrated battery
  • Relatively Low Powered Speakers


The last mini projector on our list of seven best mini projectors is AAXA P7 mini projector. AAXA p7 mini projector is best suited for the ones that travel a lot or especially for the students that are socially active and their study mode requires lots of projections or presentations in front of others.

AAXA P7 has a surprisingly miniature body design that could fit well in almost any sort of bag or back pack. The dimensions of AAXA P7 mini projector are 4.7×4.4×2.7 inches and it weighs less than 1.5 pounds.

AAXA P7 has a compact rectangular box structure that is designed to occupy least space possible. The air intake for cooling is provided on the side while the fan exhaust is placed on the front of the body along with lens.

The tiny AAXA P7 produces 1080 pixels projection up to 120 inches dimension. AAXA P7 mini projector produces crisp and colourful imagery that is true to colours despite its small size. One other impressive thing about AAXA P7 is that it is equipped with internal rechargeable battery that could juice this device for 90 minutes.

AAXA P7 is equipped with built in 2 Watt speaker and provides multiple options for connectivity with media source like USB, HDMI mini VGA.

  • Best for Travelers
  • HD Projection
  • Battery Backup of 90 Mins
  • External Speakers are Required for Better Audio

View Sonic M1+ Mini Projector

If design and aesthetic looks is your prime requirement while shopping for a mini projector then View Sonic M1+ Mini Projector is your best choice. View Sonic M1+ Mini Projector has dimension of 5.7x5x1.6 inches. View Sonic M1+ Mini Projector projects upto 100 inches and has battery backup of around 6 hours.

As compare to most of its competitors in this price range, battery backup of View Sonic M1+ Mini Projector is quite impressive.

View Sonic M1+ Mini Projector provides resolution of 854×480 pixels. This mini projector holds integrated smart TV interface which connects to WIFI. View Sonic M1+ Mini Projector also holds 16 GB internal storage capability.

View Sonic M1+ Mini Projector provides connectivity options of USB type A and USB type C. one can connect any streaming device using this USB connecting options. The integrated Harman Kardon speakers provide top of the line sound quality.

  • Aesthetic Design
  • Stand is included in Package
  • Internal Storage
  • Battery Backup of 6 hours
  • Quality Speakers
  • Not HD


So peers we had tried our best for creating a list that covers mini projector for all sort of life style. You can see that our list of seven best mini projectors included mini projectors for pure business purpose, for travelling, some economical mini projectors for students and some one for all type of mini projectors.

We do hope that this article of ours helps you I your selection of mini projectors and if you got any inquiry or addition that you wanna make about the list, feel free to drop comments below.

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