7 Best Parkour Shoes Under $50

Want to take your Parkour training to next level? Check out this list of the best Parkour shoes along with their pros & cons, to help you find your pair.
Parkour Shoes

You might ask yourselves why do you need best parkour shoes which fits under $50 budget? Well, you do actually, details to follow!

Parkour sports had recognized itself as a lifestyle for those who want to stay fit and energized. Many famous athletes are actively engaged in Parkour sports.

The Parkour sports do not require some specific playground. It can be performed at any rough and tough terrain like, building tops, houses, fields, forests, mountains and deserts.

Parkour combines all the diverse physical activities together such as running, jumping, climbing, leaping, diving, quadrupedal movement, rolling, and other robust exercises. This is the sport activity that primarily dependents on the movement of the feet where any miscalculation in pushing in or pulling off the feet from ground may result in the damaged or injury.

Considering the importance of involvement of feet in Parkour activities, your knowledge regarding the shoes and your feet requirement must be up-to-dated while choosing the best parkour shoes.

Careful and wise selection of parkour shoes not only improves your self-reliance but also saves your feet and body from any possible injury. Plus what harm would it do to fashion your feet with some good looking shoes.

Best Parkour Shoes Under $50 Budget

We have reviewed seven best budget parkour shoes that cost under $50 which you can buy and wear at your ease for your parkour activities:

Vibram Five Fingers KSO EVO

If your old workout shoes have worn out and you are planning to buy new shoes, then consider buying Vibram Five Fingers KSO EVO shoes.

Basically the Vibram Five Fingers KSO EVO shoes are designed for Parkour Sports, but this outfit is also the best fit for Running on the road or on treadmill wearing Vibram Five Fingers KSO EVO gives you the real sense of ease because the shoe itself has a minimal weight and it has a thin sole. Running on treadmill using this shoe minimizes the artificial feel of indoor running without compromising the comfort at the same time.

Gym is the place where you cannot avoid sensing stingy smell of feet of other people. If you want to avoid this smell coming from your feet, you should be wearing KSO Evo due to its fabric that is treated with Anti-Microbial Aegis that curtails the formation of odor in your feet.

This shoe is extremely reliable in indoor body weight activities due to adjustment of weight balance at feet, especially when you are doing lower body exercise.

The KSO Evo provides the feeling of ease and relaxation as well as the pretty looks at the same time. Since the shoe is made for parkour sports in which you can run mile after mile so the question of durability would be nonsense. Barefoot feeling due to its minimalist design and lightweight provides natural running and better control on your posture movements.

Better blood flow and breathing space are the two basic reasons that reassure its comfort at the next level. Many parkour sports persons wear these shoes without socks to take maximum pleasure of its comfort. This Vibram KSO fully qualifies for the one of the 7 best Parkour Shoes Under $50 in 2019.

  • Very Breathable Mesh Upper
  • Minimalist Design
  • Elastic Lacing
  • Not Suitable for Extreme Weather Conditions

Nike Flex 2018 RN

Nike Flex 2018 RN is also one of the 7 best Parkour Shoes Under $50 in 2019 due to its minimalist design, light weight, greater flexibility and reliable grip even on the slippery lands.

Color schemes of this shoe are ideal for giving you a better look of being a parkour man. It comes with the colors like Midnight Navy Blue, Gunsmoke Grey. These colors can best fit on any sports outfit amazingly.

The midsole, outsole and upper side of Nike Flex 2018 RN is specifically built for traveling long distances without being witnessing discomfort. The hexagonal lugs on its rubber made outsole provides not only a better and improvised traction on the uneven areas but also ensures greater durability. Its midsole is designed in such a way that it divides the pressure to the whole foot while hitting it on the ground. Upper side ensures optimum breathability due to its stretchable design made of knit.

When you consider buying shoes of Nike brand, you must be watchful about its price tags. But you shall be amazed that Nike Flex RN 2018 is one of the Nike’s cheapest brand which is affordable in the price of less than $50.

Interestingly, it also provides value for money at the same time if you do cost benefit analysis.

  • Very comfortable
  • Responsive Cushioning
  • Good Traction
  • Little Narrow Fit

Puma Men Carson Runner

Puma is no nonsense when it comes to sports and training gear. Puma had long produced and rivaled with Adidas to know what this industry of sports gear wants. That is why Puma Men Carson Runner came into existence.

The best thing about this budget minimalist shoe for parkour activities is its costing below $50 which comes with a brand tag of Puma. The shoe has got it all. It has stylish design, its quite durable, breathable, well comfortable and decently well-cushioned. So without any further ado we shall continue our review starting with color variety.

Puma Men Carson Runner comes in a blend of Black and Ash Grey. Its upper sole mesh is of ash grey color while the rest of shoe has dignified smoke black color. With this color combination one thing is for sure, and that is you can use this shoe for formal occasions also in addition with parkour activities.

Puma Men Carson Runner had been designed with care and passion and that reflects in its choice of material for its sole. For mid sole Puma had utilized foam EVA. It provides ultimate comfort and cushion. For outsole cushioning Puma had used EverRide rubber material.

To improve its sustainability against abrasions and provide better durability of the outsole Rubber material EverTrack is used.

  • Very Decent Cushioned
  • Affordable
  • Price may vary

Men Faas 500

The first thing that catches the eye in Puma’s Men Faas 500 is the white as primary color. It was a bold move by PUMA for integrating white as primary color in a parkour shoe owing to the fact that the nature of sport is quite rough and tuff type. However it surely is pleasing to eye especially when compared with the color mixture towards the sole of shoe.

Puma had utilized FaasFoam+ throughout the unit. It takes on the shape of your feet and locks your feet well in place during the strainous exercises and moves. The soles grip is of question in wet atmosphere.

One may experience its grip loosing while striding odwn the road or side walk in rain or in damp conditions. However on the bright side Puma Men Faas 500 does absorb the shock well.

A tightly weaved layer of mesh called weave mesh is provided on the top side. The breathability options are quite better in Men Faas 500 as compared to its competitors. All in all given the price range of this shoe, it makes it quite some strong candidate for running and parkour activities. That is why we have included Puma Men Faas 500 in our list of 7 best parkour shoes under $50.

  • Very Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Sole might be thick for some

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66

One of the best thing about Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 is the fact that it could go with any outfit you choose to wear. The variety of color availability and of course the signature straps of Onitsuka, make them ideal for someone with high esteemed fashion sense.

This shoe had quality of what you may call an “all day wear” kind of stuff. One may wear it in the start of its shift and end up running or better yet performing parkour activities in same. The shoe has classic design that gives retro look. Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 is light weight and goes excellent with the leather material on top and rubber sole.

The rubber sole of Onitsuka provides excellent grip and makes running efficient on any track. The shoe had prominent breathing space and the overall light weight of this shoe adds to its comfort. One of the best advantages that I found personally attractive in this shoe is its comfort during driving. It’s an excellent choice as foot wear in long route driving plus provides one with iconic fashion look also.

  • Very High Quality Material
  • Amazing Design
  • Cushioning at Soles might be Insufficient for some

Nike men’s Free Flynit

Nike Men’s Free Flynit is one of the best options currently available in market for best parkour shoes under budget of $50. Well its Nike and it cost less than $50. What more you want. Traditionally it comes in two colors i.e. black n white.

This shoe is the updated version of Nike Free RN Flyknit 2017. Nike Free RN Flyknit is the minimal running shoe with extremely light weight and highly suitable for the parkour sports categorized in the price range of under $50. This shoe has a hug like feeling due to its more cushion and natural flexibility feel. Upper space of the shoe is very spacious that provides maximum airflow and blood flow to the feet.

Mid sole of this shoe is made up of a softer stuff from the inside bottom that provides cushion and gives the feeling of comfort and flexibility. Outside of the shoe is bottom is a little rigid which provides heavy bounces in order to keep up the speed of running. Outside of the bottom of this shoe contains triangular and elevated lugs below the heel.

The purpose of these lugs is to provide the runner a cushioning feel and elasticity during running. Each lug works separately as a shock absorber that enhances the traction and flexibility. The bounce back effect is quite amazing due to the design of lugs.

The Nike Free RN Flynt 2018 is versatile shoe, generally for those who are looking for a natural feel during short running exercises like 5KMs or spontaneous marathons, or those who want a have a comfy feel during nearly any type of workout.

  • Highly Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Limited Colors Selection

Take flight Stealth Ultra (TKFLT Stealth Ultra)

Well one may argue that Take Flight Stealth Ultra shoe is world’s Number 1 Parkour Shoe. This particular statement originates from the fact that professional parkour sportsmen were actively involved in its design and testing. This shoe is designed keeping in mind the requirements and challenges of parkour.

This shoe is suitable for all kinds of physical trainings, travelling and casual wear. Take Flight Stealth Ultra Shoes provide such an extra comfort that you might not want to take off these shoes. You will find comfort, flexibility, style and durability at the same time if you are buying these shoes. This item fulfills the accurate demands of top athletic and Parkour pros. Shoe is highly recommended by the parkour athletes.

Special thing about this shoe is that Take Flight has spent 2 years of research and learning from their pervious shoe ‘Take Flight 1.0’ by taking suggestions from parkour athletes in order to launch this improvised product best fit for parkour sports.

Normally the grip of other shoes wears away over the time. But this is opposite with TKFLT Stealth Ultra. You will feel like wearing a brand-new shoe every time you wear it. Similarly, traction continues to improves over the long-time usage.

Grip is amazing even on the slippery surface like grass. Further, you will experience no wet feet even in the snow, rain feet dry. Grip is so much ideal that you have greater control over your whole body during parkour activities.

Rubber in the bottom makes it durable and grippy so that you can flip your feet on the uneven surface without hurting yourself. Rubber bottom also ensures its lifetime durability. No doubt the grip of this shoe is ultimately ideal. However, the breathing space is not so good, resulting smelly feet. Further, it does not provide barefoot experience.

  • Highly Durable
  • Very Soft and Light
  • Might be bit un-comfortable when Wet

Final Words

Well folks we have tried our best to summarize for you from tons of options available in market, the 7 best parkour shoes under the budget of $50. However it is quite possible that some options are left behind by our sorry selves.

Please let us know if you find something of interest in this list of ours or you want to share your personnel experience regarding parkour shoes that cost under $50.

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