Best Power Strips with USB-C Power Delivery – Top 7

Electricity is one of the most basic necessities of life and with the advent of gadgets, like mobile phones, tablets and laptops, the availability of power 24/7 is a must have. However it is quite seldom that the electrical sockets in our homes provide us with comfort of using our gadgets while charging, in the comfort of our beds.

Similarly in offices where availability of independent sockets is scarce, charging your gadget is a nightmare. This situation is exactly where power strips came to aid. Providing multiple power points in a single solution is what a power strip is usually used for.

As the technology advances the power strips came equipped with usb ports so that individuals can now charge their gadgets directly without any bulky chargers.

iPhone has taken the initiative of introducing USB C as charging ports in all of its latest gadgets. Thereby it has become imperative for us to review best 7 power strips with USB C available in the market.

In this article we shall try to summarize top 7 best power strip that comes with USB C that are available in market along with their merits and demerits.

Best Power Strips with USB-C Power Delivery Support

7 Best Power Strips with USB-C Power Delivery Support

Please note that this list of 7 best power strips with USB C is designed on the basis of their reliability, USB C charging capability and design parameters with safety involved. So without any further ado, let us dig into the list of 7 best power strips with USB C.

E EGOWAY Surge Protector Power Strip with USB C

This power strip is ideal for office use or for application in places where multiple devices needs to be connected at all times. The perfect example shall be an office cubicle where printer, scanner needs to be powered at all times along with computer system.

It has four US standard plugging options, which came with two USB C and two USB A options. This means that multiple cellular devices can be charged directly on USB C port without hindrance of bulky adopter.

The positioning and spacing between four US standard receptacles is quite decent. It’s not so large that the size of power strip becomes difficult to handle. At the same time the spacing is not so small that all the four adopters cannot be attached at the same time. Furthermore, it can easily be fitted on desk with its anti-slipping padding provided underneath the power strip.

One additional advantage of this power strip is that it has built in surge protection mechanism that helps protect your devices connected against voltage and power surge or sudden rise.

In addition, it can produces maximum power of 1875 Watts with 15 Amps and comes with standard cord length of 6 ft and has a switch installed for further connection safety at the power strip.

  • Greater Connectivity Options
  • Sturdy Design
  • Ideal for Office Use
  • Additional Switch for Connection Safety
  • Bulky adopters won’t fit all Simultaneously
  • Size Might become an issue in Confined Space

BESTEK USB Power Strip Cube

The best thing about this power strip is its design, which is so clever yet so simple that one might think that it cannot get any better than this.

The most common issue while using a power strip faced by the user is when bulky adopters are used. These bulky adopters take on additional spacing and as a result not all of the power strip connections are used.

However such problem doesn’t occur with BESTEK USB Power Strip. An option of connectivity is provided in standard US style on three sides of the cube, thereby no matter how large or extra bulky your adopter is, BESTEK got you covered.

It has got three US Standard outlet, three USB A ports and One USB C port. As told above the outlets are provided on the three sides of cubic design, while the USB ports are stationed on the top of this power strip cube. USB ports are positioned at ideal position so as to use the gadgets while they are charging.

One other interesting feature that this power strip holds is its design, as it comes in a detachable base. One can fix the base at some designated point and can thus use this power strip.

Screws or double sided fixing tape can be used to attach power strip base to a surface firmly. As for power is concerned, it can deliver 1625 Watts at maximum with 13 Amps and comes with built in safety circuit for short circuiting and over load protection.

  • Sturdy Design
  • Fast charging USB ports
  • Surge Protection
  • USB type C Power Rating is Low as Compared to Compatibles i.e. 13 Watts.

APC U-shaped Desk Mount Power Station

APC U-Shaped Desk Mount Power Station was designed with office requirements in mind. The U shaped design of this power strip provides six US standard AC outlets, however there are certain limitations to the use of this power strip because of its design, lie it cannot be used pressed against the wall or on the edge of the desk. This would render the three AC outlets provided on that side useless. Therefore one had to maintain some sort of standard positioning for usage of this gadget.

As for the ports, it provides two USB A ports and one USB C port and comes with 6ft length of extension wire. This APC U-shaped Desk Mount Power Station utilizes USB C port for charging all our latest gadgets without using any adopters. Moreover this power strips also incorporated surge protection against voltage and power spikes. The USB type C available on this power strip is of fast charging type thereby providing quick charging to android Phones.

  • Surge Protection
  • Safety Button
  • Design limitations
  • Power Strip is bulky and not very Eye Catching

POWERADD USB Power Strip with Retractable Cord

PowerAdd power strip is best suited for use in homes and other various house hold appliances. If you happen to be living in a house where electrical sockets and outlets are limited while your electrical applications range from few to many then PowerAdd USB Power Strip is the choice for you. It holds five US Standard outlets that let you connect up to five appliances simultaneously.

The best use of POWEWRADD USB Power strip is in kitchen, where one can easily operate grinder, shaker and mixer at the same time while cooking.

Since the position of five US standard outlets is circular therefore no hindrance in the placing of adopters is faced. In addition it came with one USB C type and two USB A type ports. Therefore one can easily operate electrical appliances and charge its gadgets with peace of mind.

One other interesting feature of POWERADD USB Power Strip is its retractable cord that fits nice and easy into the casing after use. This keeps the extension cord safe while providing organised operation at the same time.

  • Fire Resistive Material
  • Retractable Cord
  • Multiple Adopter Placing Options
  • Extension Cord Length in Only 3.3 Meters
  • Not Suitable for Use on Table/Desk

Anker 6 Outlet USB C Surge Protector Power Strip

If you are looking for a power strip that provides reliability and looks great in your living room then mu friend, Anker 6 Outlet USB C surge Protector Power Strip is the solution. Also this power strip holds additional internal safety shutters for use around children. We can say that it is a children friendly device that not only provides safe power to the devices but also provides safety to its users.

Anker 6 Outlet USB C Surge Protector Power Strip has sleek design in pure white casing. There are six US Standard power outlets provided on this power strip along with One USB C type and two PowerIQ enables USB ports. In terms of charging, the USB C port provides amazing fast charging to devices connected. It is equipped with a 30 Watt USB C port that provides almost two times fast charging to devices then their original adopters.

The six US standard power outlets are placed in such orientation that no adopter hinder with each other unless they are excessively bulky or bulk shaped. Surge protection mechanism implemented in this power strip provides safety to about 1280 joules. The casing of Anker 6 Outlet USB C Surge Protector Power Strip is made of fire resistive material and provides safety by self-extinguishing fire after the source of fire is removed.

  • Fire Resistive Material
  • Inside Safety Shutters
  • High power USB C Port
  • No Padding is provided. The Power Strip Slips on Smooth Surface.

Anker USB C PD Power Strip

Anker USB C PD Power strip is your drug if you are a frequent traveller. This option is best for you because of two reasons. One is its size and geometry. The power strip is circular in shape and quite small in size. It could fit easily in your and carries or regular travelling bags. Anker USB C PD Power Strip provides two US standard power outlets that could provide electrical power to about 1250 Watt.

Considering the need of electrical appliances while traveling, these two power outlets are sufficient for your quick charging of electric shaver or your hair dryer.

The other additional advantage of Anker USB C PD Power Strip is its high power USB C type. It is equipped with 30 Watt USB C type port that is more than enough to charge your MacBook and latest iPhones.

In addition to USB C type, Anker USB C PD Power Strip also enclosed two USB A ports. So if you are an old model android user, this device will support you equally.

  • Small Size
  • High power USB C Port
  • Limited Power Outlet
  • Small Size Extension Cord

JOTO 2 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with Type C Charging Port

So, if you are looking for power strip that is best for use in home, then our recommendation shall fall upon JOTO 2 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with Type C Charging Port. There are numerous reasons for our choice. However the only draw back in using JOTO 2 Outlet Power Strip is that is encloses only two power outlets for connectivity. Along with these two power outlets, JOTO is equipped with four USB ports. Out of these four ports, three are USB A ports and one is USB C type port.

So coming back towards our reason for choosing JOTO 2 for usage in homes, is its safety. The power strip has integrated circuit system embedded that enables it to provide safety against over voltage, over current and excessive heating problems. Also this Power strip provides an amazing power of 1200 Watts, considering the size, and could withstand 4320 Joules of surge protection.

Also the integrated circuitry of JOTO 2 has the capability of providing appropriate power to the source as per its needs. This means that one doesn’t needs to worry for its device safety while using JOTO 2 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip.

  • Surge Protection
  • Dedicated integrated Circuitry
  • Large Extension Cord
  • Limited Power Outlets


So folks, this is it. We had tried our best to generate list of 07 best power strips with USB C that you can get your hands on.

There are certain factors that one keeps in mind while purchasing power strips. Design, safety, price connectivity options are among few of these factors. However, as always our emphasis is always on safety. One should never compromise on safety of electrical product.

Do let us know your experience with different power strips and if you want any particular brand for review, do leave your comments and till then, sayonara folks.

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