Perfect Ways to Fix Laptops Overheating Issues Easily

The more the slimmer, the more it your laptop will face overheating issues. However, thankfully you can address that problem permanently without taking it apart.

Use of technology has ascended into every profession of our life, and advancement in micro technology and then nano technology is the main reason for it. Not long but just 15 years back, laptops were some hefty and heavy enclosed briefcases sort of machinery.

Laptops Overheating Issues

With the advent of technology and eventual accession of it, need arises to make the design more user friendly, easy to carry and pleasant looking. This results in laptops getting slimmer, smaller and easy to carry, which ultimately comes with a price and that is “Heating issues” in laptops.

Today in our article we shall discuss on ways to fix laptop overheating without taking it apart.

Fix Laptops Overheating Issues without Taking it Apart

Reason for Laptop Overheating

First of all we shall discuss the basic reason for laptop overheating. One of the most basic reasons for your laptop overheating is the accumulation of dirt on your fan. This causes the rotation of your cooling fan harder and also the air dynamics are disturbed.

This disturbed air dynamics results in the inefficient air disbursement through the cooling ducts of your laptop. Also dirt may accumulate or block the fume ports of your laptop. This results in the inefficient intake and out flow of the air through your laptop body, resulting in the laptop overheating.

Methods to Fix Laptop Overheating Issues

Now, that we have basic understanding of what causes the issue, let us now divert our attention towards the possible solutions that will help you resolve the issue of your laptop heating without taking it apart.

Method 01: Cleaning the Cooling Fan on Laptop

First and foremost thing is to fix the internal cooling of your laptop. This can be achieved by cleaning the cooling fan of your laptop. As stated earlier, a laptop fan tends to accumulate dust on them. Use cotton swab for cleaning the laptop fan.

Take note that the laptop fan shall not rotate in the opposite direction during your cleaning process. Gently you shall clean all the fan fins. Cotton swab dunked with the general cleaning material or liquor of some sort is best.

One can also use vacuum cleaner to suck all the residue and dirt that may be present near fan assembly. In case you are using can air for clearing the ports and ducts, remember to hold down the fan so that it may not rotate in the wrong direction.

Gently with vacuum cleaner suck all the depositions from fume ports and air admission ducts of your laptop. Remember that utilizing heavy duty vacuum suction on your laptop for cleaning may cause damage to the circuit connections also.

Method 02: Using Laptop on Flat Surface

One other thing that you can do to fix laptop heating is to always use laptop on flat surfaces. Majority of laptop designs have air intake suction vents in their bottom. Using laptop on a hard and even flat surface increases the air intake efficiency.

If one is a clumsy laptop user like me, who intends to use its laptop in bed or on couch then getting a laptop cooler is best option for you. Laptop cooler provides you with flat surface to rest your laptop and also additional air flow to cool the inners of your laptop. The forced air streams provided by laptop cooler shall take care of your laptop heating problem for you.

Method 03: Update Softwares

Last step that you can take to ensure your laptop cooling is to get potential software fix for your laptop. Some software with bugs may drain additional power resulting in your laptop heating. Updated software and getting software from trusted software house is the main key.

So folks, we hope that you find this article useful. If you want to share your experience or have any query related to article, feel free to contact us.

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