Guide to Fix One Side of Hoverboard Not Working

Has your's or your child's hoverboard one side stopped working? Learn how you can easily fix this issue yourself at home.

A hover board is a tricky gadget and honestly not an easy one to handle. However the auto balancing technology, stylish looks and modern gadget had made it quite popular among kids, teenagers and young adults.

The amount of tech used in this device is insane. It has got motors, gyroscopes, PCB boards, batteries, pressure sensors and many more precise electronic parts and equipment that make it work. So what most people renders does that on indication of slightest of problem they take their hover board for repair without even know the issue that may be causing the problem.

Hover boards must be taken to technicians only if it is some major repair or part replacement. Today in this article, we shall be discussing one of the most common issues that arises in over board and which you can tackle without any hassle.

How to Fix One Side of Hoverboard Not Working

The issue we shall be discussing today is that of when “One side of Hover board stops working”. We shall be discussing methods to tackle with the problem of one side of hover board not working in this article. So let us get down with it.

When one side of hover board stops working then it might be because of multiple issues. However this problem, as serious as it might seem, is quite basic as compared to when both sides of Hover Board stops working.

When just one side of the hover board is not working then one might say assuredly that main mother board of hover board is not the problem.

Correction Identification of Fault Light

For correct identification of the problem one has to use the fault indication light. One you notice red light only once in this problem, then you shall check for loose cables or jacks in the hover board. Remove the main cover of hover board and check for loose connections.

If the red light is blinking more than three times then it might indicate an issue in the wheel motor. However such is quite an uncommon issue for the motor is used in hover boards are quite sturdy.

If the red light is flashing more than six times then you might want to check your hover board batteries. If the light is flashing more than seven times then your gyroscope needs repair.

Determination of Type of Gyroscope

Before going for your gyroscope rear one needs to determine the type of gyroscope required for your hover board.

There are two types of gyroscopes, one is Male gyroscope and other is female gyroscope.

Male gyroscopes are then ones with two receiving ports and one wire harness leaving the board. If your board has three or four receiving ports then it is female gyroscope. You shall replace the faulty gyroscope with the exact type.

Commonly majority of the hover board manufacturers are using male gyroscopes and such are commonly available in the market and online. More than eighty percent of the cases where one side of the hover board had stopped working are due to gyroscope malfunction.


So folks, I hope you find this article on fixing your hoverboard one side not working informative and helping. In case of any query feel free to leave a comment and we shall get in touch with you.

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